Wedding Workshops – Make a Paper Cut Cake Topper

Wedding Season is upon us! Whether you’re a bride ticking off your pre-wedding prep or a guest wanting to make a special hand-made contribution to your nearest and dearest’s big day, you’ll want to hear about our inspiring Wedding Workshops. We’re running a series of Wedding Workshops at selected stores from Wednesday 13th – Friday 15th April  but you can also join in at home with our Wedding Workshop how tos here on the blog.

We’re kicking off the Wedding Workshops with a perfect papercut cake topper how-to from Poppy’s Papercuts. Read on and learn how to cut out and keep your very own cake topper that will cheer up all types of cakes and occasions – not just weddings and wedding cakes…


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Papercut Cake Topper

You will need:
Template printed onto thick paper in a colour of your choice
Scalpel with a sharp blade
Cutting mat
Wooden skewers
Double-sided tape
Pencil, rubber and ruler in case you want to make any changes to your design

First set up your workspace. Make sure that you have a nice large cutting mat to work on so you don’t cut through on to your table top! Print the template design onto a coloured paper of your choice (the brighter the better!)




Make sure you’ve got a sharp scalpel. Test the sharpness of your blade on a spare piece of paper before you start. This allows you to get used to the pressure and grip of the blade. Says Poppy: “a blunt blade is likely to tear your paper. Sharp blades allow for cleaner cuts, meaning you won’t have to push down as hard. I’d recommend changing the blade every few hours.”




Ready to start cutting out your design? Take note of Poppy‘s top tips first…

Always cut towards yourself. “You’ll have more strength and control cutting towards you, so turn the paper round as you cut the design. You’ll be less likely to slip and make a mistake.”

Cut back to front. “Make sure your image is back to front before you cut it out. This means you’ll be cutting the back of the design and when you’re finished you can flip it over, leaving a clean finish with no guidelines or pencil marks from your initial design.”

Cut the fine details first. “By cutting the smallest sections first you’ll be less likely to tear the intricate parts. You want to get rid of all those smaller shapes before you move on to the larger sections.”




Once you’ve finished cutting out the design, attach a wooden skewer to turn your pretty papercut into a versatile flag that can be used anywhere. Stick two strips of double-sided tape along the length of paper at the edge of the design. Put a wooden skewer in place and check that flag will be the right way round once it’s stuck together, then simply pinch the paper and roll the stick inwards so it’s securely attached.




Et voila – your very own papercut flag! Use yours to top a cake, in a bunch of flowers, as a party decoration…the choice is yours!




Book your place at our instore Wedding Workshops now – click here for more information. And keep your eye out for more Wedding how tos – coming soon to the blog!

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