We Picnic Rain or Shine: Tips for an at Home Picnic

Here in Britain we picnic rain or shine, so we’re not going to let staying at home get in the way either. Got a garden? A living room? A bed? Then you’ve got a perfect picnic spot. Now all you need is a picnic set of dreams and a little imagination. We’re talking a gingham wicker hamper with plates, cutlery and cups. A cosy blanket and a cooler bag for keeping sandwiches fresh and drinks cold (no fridges allowed at picnics).

What You’ll Need

Picnic Hamper 
Do picnics right with this wicker hamper lined with a sunny gingham print complete with a cool bag, plates, glasses and cutlery.

Strawberry Gingham Picnic Blanket
Gingham print picnic blanket on one side, water resistant cover for (imaginary) rain on the other. We are British, we are practical.

Strawberry Gingham Cooler Bag 
This cooler bag keeps food and drinks chilled, which means never walking to the fridge again from your living room picnic.

Set the Scene

Bring the Outdoors In 
Gather all your house plants around the picnic blanket, even those tulips on the kitchen table. The added greenery will make it feel just like the park, without having to use public loos. No house plants? No problem, grab a floral diffuser or candle to spark memories of summer.

Spring Tunes 
Soundtrack your picnic with your favourite feel-good tunes, or play some bird songs for a really authentic feel.

Snacks to Pack

Pack lunches are packed away for the time being, but why not bring back out the beloved sandwich for your picnic at home. It’s the perfect opportunity to use up those weird and wonderful ingredients you’ve got lying around the kitchen. Crisp sandwich anyone?

Jelly Oranges
This one doubles up as both a tasty treat and fun activity. Cut your oranges in half and scoop out the insides (munch away on the segments, there’s no wasting here) and fill with jelly. Carefully leave them in a cupcake tray in the fridge to set overnight. Once you’re ready to picnic cut them into segments and viola!

Drink Up 
Create a picnic-worthy punch using a concoction of juice and cordials you have in the house and garnish with an orange slice, well, because why not? All you need to do now is open a window, close your eyes and be transported to the park.

Don your summer outfit, turn up the music and get picnicking.