Top of the Class 2019

School’s out for summer and expectations are high: the sun is shining, fun’s on the agenda and dull uniforms are finally hung up and forgotten. Until September, that is, when bright holiday wardrobes are replaced with once again with traditional colours of school uniforms.

That’s why this back to school season we at Cath Kidston are focusing on bags that will give your kid’s individuality and make them stand out. Dinos in London, Garden Fairies and Woodland Animals are all coming out to play and the roses are in full bloom across bags and accessories – giving Cath kids a cheerful sense of style that will most definitely send children straight to the top of the class.

Kids at school Cath Kidston

Gear up for the new term with our Toy Traffic print rucksacks – featuring bright and animated buses, trucks, police motorcycles and fire engines – there will be no emergencies finding your kids at home time.

Play it cool with this season’s new it-backpacks and satchels: pretty yet chic roses including the Provence, Wells and Pembroke make an appearance. Floral patterns also appear on water bottles, notebooks and pencil cases.

The next print roaring its way onto playground wish lists is Dinos in London – a dynamic upgrade to any kid’s accessory. These action-packed dinosaurs are far from extinct – in fact they are bellowing their way around the streets of London. Watch out Westminster. Also inspired by our Dinos print is Triceratops, a blue creature with 3D orange horns who can be found on backpacks, lunchbags and pencil cases.

Reach out and touch novelty details ensuring your little ones stand out include the kid’s novelty Mouse Mini Rucksack that, with its googly eyes and fluffy nose, adds texture to our whimsical Woodland Animal print – also available in a novelty mouse-shape pencil case. Also, the Fairy Medium Backpack, the layered fairy placement on zip pocket adds an all-important magic touch to the subtle Garden Fairies print.

Brighten up the new term and head online or in store to view the exciting collection featuring fun, standout prints across brilliant bags, snazzy stationery, awesome accessories and more that will assure your little ones look forward to the new school year, whether they’re an outer space explorer, a daring dinosaur or a fearless fairy.