Tips for Preparing Your Home for Christmas

Nikki King, Cath Kidston’s Senior Product Designer for Home, is an authority on all things Christmas. Here she gives us her five top tips for preparing your home for the festive season.



Starting backwards. I’d say to make sure you pack everything away nicely when you’re dismantling your Christmas decorations. That way, when you come to redecorate the following year everything is in order, nothing is broken and no time is wasted untangling fairy lights.


Think about your colour scheme. Lots of people like to stick to a colour scheme, but I think go for things that bring you happiness and feel fun. You don’t need to stick to say ‘gold and red’ – if you want to add something quirky, or something that makes you smile, follow your heart. It’s the one time of year you can kind of get away with anything! Personally, I like twinkly lights, whether it is fairy lights or candles.


Be prepared. Look at timelines and think how far in advance you need to start making your Christmas cake and drying out your fruit for decorations.


Smells and fragrances. If you have a faux tree, use your home fragrances to scent your rooms to bring the ferny pine smell. Our range of Christmas candles are perfect for filling spaces with warm festive scents.


The alternative tree. If you have a fairly small property and don’t have room for a tree, then garlands are brilliant. You can put them down the centre of your table or up the stairs; you can use them in so many different ways. You can even decorate them with baubles.


Preparing your home for Christmas is the most wonderful thing, if you follow any of Nikki’s tips make sure to share them with us using #MustBeCathKidston. Shop the perfect home decorations to make your Christmas magical online and instore now.