The Story Behind Our Prints: Snoopy

You can never be short of inspiration after flicking through the Peanuts comic strips – with positive and uplifting storylines and characters, our design team had a lot to play with when designing the print of our Cath Kidston x Peanuts collaboration.





“There are so many uplifting messages within Peanuts and we wanted that to come through in the collection,” says Print Designer Alice Preston. “The original Peanuts comic book had sweet quotes like ‘Happiness is a warm, fuzzy sweater’ or ‘Happiness is a warm puppy’, so we really wanted to play on that wisdom,” she smiles.


It was this wisdom that became the inspiration behind the collection, “There is a lovely message behind the stories and we wanted to represent these with just three words that we felt were at the core of the wonderful imaginative story lines. We felt that Love, Dream and Happy encapsulate the positive narratives running through Charles Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts, and sum up Snoopy’s character nicely” Alice shared.


We of course agree – who could forget Snoopy’s handwritten love letter, ‘Tears of love drop onto these lines I write,’ he would often pen. And if he wasn’t writing of love, he was definitely dreaming of it.


But it didn’t stop there for the design team, when initially envisioning how bringing these two worlds together would look, our team all agreed on drawing inspiration from the classic, vintage book covers. “They all have amazing bright colours with a huge image of Snoopy and large font placed on top,” Alice continues.


The team had lots of fun playing around with the bold placements that include larger images of Snoopy and best pal Woodstock. “We really wanted to emulate the animation in the comics with our placements so we partnered each phrase with a Snoopy illustration that matched the emotion of the word, to really bring the print to life.” To then merge the worlds, Alice and team took the archive Cath Kidston print Paper Ditsy and the exciting new Midnight Stars print.

If you’re a bit more subtle in your love for Snoopy, there are also smaller characters within the allover print, which is very wearable, “From a distance Snoopy looks like a white spot, but when you get closer you see it’s actually him, which is a lovely surprise.”


Excited for the Cath Kidston x Peanuts launch? So are we! Our Snoopy collection will be available online and in store on Friday 6th December. Can’t wait? Shop the collection first on Thursday 5th December, 6pm by registering here.