The Secret Life Of A School Bag

Children and their school bags are pretty much inseparable during term-time. But, even though you see your child’s bag every day – do you really know what is inside? Here we attempt to delve into the secret life of a school bag by asking schoolboy Samson.

Who packs your school bag?
“Me, but my mum then re-packs it because I pack things I don’t need, like four reading books.”

What do you take with you every day in your bag?
“Lots of books, and I mean lots. And if I’m allowed then toys like Pokémon cards and dice.”

What’s the funniest thing you’ve put in your school bag?
“So the funniest thing was rocks, I don’t know why but I think I was looking for treasure. Don’t judge me!!”

Have you ever packed something from home into your school bag without your parents knowing?
“My boomerang.”

Is there anything you sometimes forget to pack in your school bag?
“Yes, my school diary, maths sheets, P.E kit and my swimming stuff. Oh and my glasses case too, I forget a lot.”

What’s one thing every child should be allowed to take to school in their bag?
“Toys,” he says rubbing his hands together mischievously.”



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