The Adventures of Gnorris the Gnome

This season we’re telling Garden Stories with the help of our friendly little guide, Gnorris the Garden Gnome. Many of you have been bringing Gnorris along on your travels and taking part in our competition, so we thought you might like to join in with Gnorris’ latest adventure. The Adventures of Gnorris the Gnome start here – and we need your help writing them! Read on for the first chapter of Gnorris’ story and don’t forget to tell us where you think he should head next by commenting at the end of the post.

the adventures of gnorris the gnome

Once upon a time there was a pretty little cottage in the English countryside, surrounded by a beautiful garden. The family who live there love their garden and have filled it with lots of pretty plants and flowers. But flowers aren’t the only thing you’ll find there – the garden is also home to a little Garden Gnome named Gnorris and his friends Bee and Ladybird.


Each winter the garden turns cold and dark, Bee and Ladybird go into hibernation and the flowers are no more. Gnorris waits eagerly for spring to arrive so the garden will burst into bloom again and Bee and Ladybird will wake up from their long winter sleep. Gnorris is lonely without them, and wishes he had a friend to keep him company.




One day Gnorris is startled by the sound of flapping wings. A beautiful Blossom Bird glides down from the sky and lands beside him.

“Hello little Gnome. Why are you all alone?”
“Hello Bird. My friends are hibernating for the winter and I’m lonely without them. I wish it was spring again!”
“I’m flying south for the winter, where it’s warm! Why don’t you come with me? You might even make some new friends there.”

Gnorris has never ventured outside the garden before so he feels a little bit frightened. He loves his home…but maybe it is time he went on an adventure…
“OK bird, I’ll come with you!”
Blossom Bird scoops Gnorris up and takes to the sky. Up, up and away!




Soon Gnorris and Blossom Bird have left the little cottage and garden far behind them. Gnorris can’t believe his eyes – there’s so much to see! Suddenly he notices something, or someone, on the ground far below them.
“Look Bird, what’s that?”

Blossom Bird glides down to take a look. It’s a fluffy little dog with a friendly face and a waggy tail.

“Hello I’m Billie! I don’t suppose you know the way to London do you?”
London?! What’s that?” said Gnorris.
“It’s a big city full of exciting things to see!” said Billie “Everyone should visit. I’m on my way there but I seem to have lost my way. Can you help me?”
“There’s a bus stop up ahead” said Blossom Bird. “If you wait there a bus will pick you up. This is Gnorris the Gnome by the way, he’s going on an adventure!”
“An adventure! Well Gnorris, you must come with me to London then!”




Our fans have spoken and voted for Gnorris to continue flying south with Blossom Bird…

Gnorris is enjoying his flight with Blossom Bird, watching the country whizzing by below him, and whilst London sounds exciting, it might also be a bit scary for a little Garden Gnome! So he and Blossom Bird take to the skies once more.

“Farewell Billie, safe travels!”
“You too Gnorris, I hope our paths cross again!”

Gnorris and Blossom Bird continue flying south. Gnorris can feel the warmth of the sun already, and his chilly little garden feels a long way away. He watches the landscape unfold beneath them and notices villages and towns, fields and rivers. Suddenly he notices a strange, half-built circle of enormous stones in the middle of a wide green space.

“What’s that?!”
“That’s Stonehenge. Those mysterious stones are thousands of years old and no-one’s quite sure why they’re there or how they got there.” said Blossom Bird. “Want to fly down and take a look?”

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“Yes please!” said Gnorris.

Blossom Bird comes in to land and gently sets Gnorris down on the grass.

“I can’t stay I’m afraid Gnorris – I must keep flying south.”
“That’s ok Blossom Bird, I want to stay and explore!” Gnorris is feeling brave after his exciting adventures.
“Good luck then! See you around!”
“Thank you for the ride Blossom Bird! Safe travels.”


The Adventures of Gnorris the Gnome


Gnorris looks up in awe at the enormous stones towering above him. There are people visiting Stonehenge too, but Gnorris is so little they don’t take any notice of him. As Gnorris explores he notices the shadows cast by the stones getting longer and longer as the day starts to draw in. Soon all the human visitors have left.

“Oh no!” thinks Gnorris. “I’m all alone again!”

Poor Gnorris isn’t feeling very brave anymore – without Blossom Bird as his guide he’s not sure what to do. Just then he notices something moving out of the corner of his eye. It’s a bunny rabbit!

“Oh I’m so pleased to see you! I’ve been on an adventure but I don’t know where to go next!”
“Goodness, that sounds very exciting!” said Bunny. “But it’s quite late to be continuing with your adventure today – I have a nice cosy burrow where you can come and stay the night. Mrs Bunny and the baby Bunnies are at home but you’re very welcome! Then you can carry on with your adventure in the morning when it’s light.”
“Yes please Bunny! said Gnorris. “I’m Gnorris by the way. I can’t thank you enough!”




Gnorris follows as Bunny hops back to the burrow. Mrs Bunny and the baby Bunnies give him a warm welcome, and he snuggles down happily for the night – his gnome ancestors lived underground so Gnorris feels quite at home in the cosy burrow. The next day dawns bright and sunny, and Gnorris feels refreshed and ready to continue with his adventures!

“Where should I go next Bunny?” said Gnorris.
“Well” said Bunny. “If you walk over the hill you’ll see a forest in the distance. I’ve never ventured that far, but some say it’s enchanted.”

Being a little bit magical himself, Gnorris thinks that an enchanted forest could be just the place. He thanks the Bunnies and heads on his way.

He trudges up the hill and sure enough, at the top he can see a forest in the distance. Eventually (he can only walk so fast on his little legs) he reaches its edge. It’s eerily quiet. He notices a toadstool, but it’s a toadstool unlike any he’s ever seen before – it’s a toadstool with a door! Feeling brave once again, Gnorris knocks on the door.




A magical Garden Fairy is at home. She’s very beautiful, and Gnorris feels a bit bashful in her presence!

“Hhhhhello Fairy!” he stammers. “I’m Gnorris!”
“Welcome to the magical forest Gnorris” said Fairy. “Where have you come from?”
“I’ve been on an adventure!” said Gnorris. “I’m…I’m…a long way from the garden where I used to live…”

All of a sudden Gnorris feels rather sad and homesick for his little garden.

“Don’t be sad!” said Fairy. “You’re welcome to stay and explore the forest – all magical creatures are welcome here – but if you’re ready to return home then I’m sure I can make that happen. I am a Garden Fairy with magical powers after all…and there’s no place like home, is there?”

Our fans have spoken for the last time, and voted for Gnorris to stay and explore the magical forest with Garden Fairy

Gnorris thinks how lucky he is to have made such welcoming friends on his travels.
“Thank you Fairy. I’ll stay a while!”

And so Gnorris settles into forest life, meeting the other inhabitants both animal and magical and making plenty of friends. Garden Fairy and her fairy friends take rather a shine to him, making him flower crowns to wear and trying to teach him to fly and cast spells. Gnorris tries his best but isn’t sure he makes the best fairy!




Gnorris is happy and settled but sometimes feels a little pang of loneliness that he can’t quite explain. One day he wanders deep into the forest, further than he’s ever ventured before. The greenery is very dense but the sun occasionally peeks through the trees, and in a patch of sunshine up ahead he notices another little toadstool house. As he walks closer he realises that there’s someone stood by the little house…someone that looks rather a lot like him! It’s another Garden Gnome, but she’s a girl!

“Hello there!” she shouts. “A fellow Garden Gnome, how exciting! I haven’t seen any of our kind in the forest before, so I’m very glad to see you. I’m Gnatalie by the way!”

Gnorris might be a long way from the garden he used to call home…but suddenly he feels right at ‘gnome’!




Thanks to all of you for taking part in The Adventures of Gnorris the Gnome by entering the competition and contributing to his story! Want to make up your own story for Gnorris and Gnatalie? Why not make your own glove puppets, or download and print your own Gnorris and Gnatalie and take them both on a new adventure?