Say it with Scent: Mother’s Day Fragrances

Mums might just be the busiest people on earth. They’re always off somewhere, with jobs to be ticked off, bills to be paid, work to be done and children – no matter how old – that need a lot of attention (guilty). Sometimes our mums are so busy being our mums that they don’t get a chance to stop and smell the roses, or peonies or jasmine. Let’s change that.

This Mother’s Day we’ve created two fragrances designed to spark your mum’s memories. Our fragrance expert, Jolene, spent months exploring the scents that would transport her away – from mandarin and jasmine  to cassis and rose. Here she talks us through some of the inspirations behind each scent and which gift to give mum this Mother’s Day.


The Fragrances

Cassis and Rose ​
This is a new fragrance for us: it’s fresh and fruity with a floral nod to our heritage. Scents trigger memories, and this one is designed to transport you into spring – out in the fresh air picking blackcurrants. Imagine leafy clusters of berries, juice and aromatic amidst flowery tangles of roses, jasmine and soft moss. ​

Twilight Garden ​
This fragrance was inspired by our latest print and has notes of mandarin, peony and jasmine with vanilla swirls and hints of musk. It’s more floral than cassis and rose and will take mum to an English garden somewhere as the sun fades and the crowds quieten, with the scent of jasmine lingering in the air. ​

The Perfect Gifts For Mum

For the mum who thinks she can never have too many candles ​
She’s the mum who closes her eyes and who takes a deep breath in through the nose whenever she passes a garden. For her, there’s no better present than a candle that can make her living room or bedroom smell like a wild woodland in seconds. Ours are made from environmentally friendly soy-based wax. Choose from our large 170g candle or a smaller set of two. ​

Top tip: Tell mum that after she’s burnt down the candles, she can reuse them as tealight holders or storage pots. ​

For the mum who doesn’t need any more maintenance ​
She’s the mum who’s always on the go. Who always has her foldaway shopper tucked neatly in her bag, next to her travel cup and water bottle of course. For her, a diffuser is a dream. Something that makes her house smell like an English garden but doesn’t need the maintenance of one. She doesn’t even have to remember to blow it out. ​

Top tip: Don’t tell mum two of the reeds have flowers on the top. When she notices she’ll feel like she’s been given an extra bouquet of flowers. ​

For the mum who always has everything to hand ​
Hand cream is one of those things that as soon as you become a mum, becomes a necessity. This Mother’s Day we wanted to upgrade her sets with these vegan-friendly hand creams.  The Twilight Garden set is formulated with jasmine flower extract, primrose oil shea butter and cocoa seed butter with Vitamin E and glycerin to leave her skin feeling soft and smooth. We made the cassis and rose with raspberry seed oil, blackcurrant and rose extracts with spearmint and celery seed essential oils. With three in each, there’s one for her handbag, the sink and on the nightstand of course. ​

Top Tip: Moisturise, perfume and then re-moisturise. It helps lock in the scent!