Here at Cath Kidston, it’s our mission to brighten up your day, every day! This week, we’re looking to add a little light to your life with a touch of compassion, all in honour of Random Acts of Kindness Day. Falling on the 17th February, it’s the perfect opportunity to share the love, whether you go for a gesture that is big or small. Fancy getting involved? Scroll down for some random acts of kindness you can do on the go!

To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day a few lucky people to their entire order for FREE! They’ll be chosen at random and contacted by our customer service team by email. Everyone will receive free UK delivery on online orders of £25 or more with the code KINDNESS on 17/02/2019 *T&Cs apply






Be polite. Whether it’s holding the door open for someone, helping a neighbour to carry their shopping in from the car or getting something off a high shelf for a fellow shopper, these little gestures all add up.

Pay for someone’s shopping. When you’re queuing for checkout in a store, why not offer to pay for the shopping of the person in front of you? It’s an incredibly generous gesture and is sure to make their day. It could even be in one of our Cath Kidston stores!

Praise. Tell someone how much you love what they’re wearing or tell your colleague how great their work is. Compliments are a great booster.

Stop and talk. Put your phone down and make conversation with someone. Remember to ask questions and listen closely to the answers.

Me time. Be kind to yourself too! It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself properly, so carve out some time in your diary to enjoy doing something you love, guilt-free.







Donate blood. Your generosity will go a long way and could even help save a life!

Volunteer at a charity. Lending a hand for a couple of hours each week can make all the difference in the world. Whether you want to help animals or people, pick a charity you love and get involved!

Community. A good, old-fashioned clean-up is something that will benefit the whole community. Why not gather a group to litter pick together and you’ll find the job is done in a flash!

Organise a bake sale. Everyone loves a homemade cake! Why don’t you organise a bake sale at work or school, then donate all the proceeds to your chosen charity?



We hope our ideas have inspired you to get involved this Random Acts of Kindness Day (or any day, in fact!). Let us know what you’ll be getting up to over on our social channels.