101 Dalmatians x Cath Kidston: meet our puppy pals

The 101 Dalmatians x Cath Kidston collection has arrived, hooray! We’ve been busy introducing our puppy pals to some of your favourite influencers and bloggers. Take a look at their top picks, then discover the collection and make some puppy pals of your own!



louisepentland added her trademark Sprinkle of Glitter to the 101 Dalmatians x Cath Kidston collection, modelling Mummy and Me looks with her daughter Darcy. Match your mini me in Dalmatian Spot leggings and a pink puppy pocket hoodie, and pick up a puppy Button Spot tote for yourself.


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mummydaddyme‘s daughters Lottie and Mads also went for matching outfits, carrying their Puppy Pocket and Dalmatian Spot backpacks on a family day out.


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masha_theone‘s little girl Veronica joined her mum for a puppy party, and you can throw one of your own with Puppy Placement cushions for the sofa, Pongo and Perdita mugs for tea, a comfy Dalmatians sweatshirt for you and a Dalmatian Spot dress for your little one.


puppy pals


There are dresses for all ages in the collection in fact, and Briony of agirlastyle‘s pleated Puppies and Roses number makes her want to twirl! Puppies and Roses print is a chic, playful blend of our trademark roses laid out in bold stripes and a host of gambolling Dalmatian puppies drawn specially for us by Disney, just like the puppy pals scampering behind Briony. You can copy iamkristabel‘s cool casual style in the Dalmatian Spot t-shirt dress, and finish the day with a brew sipped from a Puppies and Roses mug and Puppy Spot pyjama tops and bottoms like best buddies chloeplumstead and hannahfgale, who enjoyed a spotty slumber party together!


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Meet all our puppy pals and shop the 101 Dalmatians x Cath Kidston collection. Discover the stories behind the prints and more.