Print of the Month: Mayfield Blossom

Ask the British people for their favourite scents of spring, and amongst the stranger variety (furniture polish and fake tan!) and they’ll tell you blossoms, daffodils and hyacinths. “Blossom is a sign that spring is coming,” says our Design Director Christine, whose team spent months dreaming up the Mayfield print to capture the very moment when the seasons change. It should spark memories of the first brisk walk of spring, the smell of budding flowers and the hopeful anticipation of a fresh start. A reminder to look for the little things that spark joy, even on the darkest winter day.


Here, we dive a little deeper into the inspiration behind the print with our Design Director, Christine Hafsten.


“Blossom is a sign that spring is coming and captures the anticipation and excitement of the seasons changing. This print is designed to represent the blissful feeling of lighter layers and leaving winter behind.”