Guest Post: Mummy Daddy Me

This summer we’ve got some extra special guest blog posts lined up. We’ve teamed up with some of our favourite lifestyle bloggers and over the coming weeks we’ll be exclusively sharing their summer holiday snaps and back to school tips, as well as some of their favourite pieces from our AW15 collection. Our third guest blogger is Katie from Mummy Daddy Me. She and her daughter Mads starred in our Bags to School video, and we joined them as they prepare for little Mads to start school.

Hello it’s Katie here from Mummy Daddy Me. I am honoured to be featuring on the Cath Kidston blog today – it’s been one of my favourite brands for a long time.


“We have decided to make this summer a summer full of adventure because we have a huge milestone coming up in September – my eldest daughter Mads is starting school. I know that this is something that nearly every child in the UK of age four or five goes through, but it doesn’t stop me feeling a real mixture of excitement and nerves. I can’t believe that we are at this stage already. It seems like just yesterday I was staring into the little blinking eyes of my newborn, but fast forward a few years and now my little girl is going to be taking her first steps in the world without me.



“There’s some pristine unworn school uniform that is patiently waiting in a newly designated drawer ready to be worn once I have put the labels in, her new school bag hung up on her door all shiny and new, and we’ve been shopping with Grandma to get her first pair of school shoes. In less than three weeks my little girl will be going through those gates on her very first day of school. Here are our top tips for getting ready for the big day.


Buy school supplies early. A few friends told me that shops sell out of the smallest school uniform early as eager parents ‘panic buy’, so it’s best to buy the uniform sooner rather than later.




Practice reading and writing. My little girl’s new teacher said they don’t need to know too much before they begin as you will be surprised by just how much they learn in the first year. But she did say that it’s always a nice idea to sit down and do a bit of learning with them, even if it’s just practicing writing their name and getting them used to sitting quietly and concentrating. We absolutely love the Sausage Dogs range; the exercise books and pens are perfect for practicing and the pencil case is great for keeping everything organised.




Pick the perfect school bag. My favourite part of the new school year was buying a new school bag and I hope that Mads will be the same. This year we have got her a very special bag as her first one. We love the floral print on this satchel backpack and Mads looks so grown up when she’s wearing it. We have also got her a drawstring bag that she can put her PE kit in – she loves the Dino print.




Talk about it. We have been talking to Mads a lot about school, getting her used to the idea and really trying to make the whole process seem exciting for her. Hopefully this will ease some of her nerves on the first day. I have also been getting myself organised for the many school events and play dates – I have the lovely Woodland Rose diary to help me try and keep on top of my daughter’s busy schedule!




“We are all organised and Mads is ready to go, both emotionally and physically. I, on the other hand might take some more time to be fully ready to accept that my little girl is growing up so fast! But more than anything we are all just really excited for this new chapter in our lives. I will be standing there with a little tear in my eye alongside all the other parents no doubt doing the same, feeling immensely proud of my little girl.”


Watch Mads and Katie starring in our Bags to School film.


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