Mother’s Day Make: Patchwork Cushion

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There are few things more special than receiving a special handmade gift, don’t you think? With that in mind, this Mother’s Day we’ve asked three of our favourite craft experts to come up with a unique and beautiful Mother’s Day Make that can easily be whizzed up at home in time for Sunday 6th March, and customised to suit the recipient.

First up, our friends Hannah and Rosie at The New Craft House created a perfect Patchwork Cushion for their Mother’s Day Make, using traditional techniques and an eclectic but pretty mix of cotton duck fabric from our SS16 collection. So find your favourite fabric, dig out your sewing basket and make her Mother’s Day – here’s how!




Patchwork Cushion

You will need:
(Makes one 45 x 45cm cushion)
25cm of your four favourite Cath Kidston cotton duck fabrics, plus 50cm extra of one print to use for the backing – 1.5m total (we used Richmond Rose, Hydrangea, Meadow Bunch & Flower Pots)
25cm plain white fabric
50 x 50cm piece cotton batting (optional)
50 x 50cm piece plain scrap fabric (optional)
Sewing machine
Roller cutter or scissors
Cutting mat
Matching thread
40 x 40cm or 45 x 45cm cushion pad

How to:
From each 25cm piece of printed cotton duck, cut one 11.5 x 11.5 cm square. This will be the centre square so pick a section of print that has a lot of detail in it. Then cut two 14 x 14 cm squares from each 25cm piece of printed cotton duck. Cut each of these squares diagonally into two triangles. You should now have four triangles and one square in each of your four prints. Tip: if you have a directional print (like my favourite Flower Pots) make sure you cut the triangles in two separate directions so that you can keep the print the right way up when you sew it!

From the white fabric, cut eight 10 x 10cm squares. Cut each of these squares diagonally into two further triangles. You should now have 16 white triangles. Then cut two 5cm strips, the width of the fabric, from the white fabric. This will make up the sashing.




Now to assemble the blocks! Take the centre square and four white triangles. Using a ¼ inch seam allowance (use a ¼ inch foot for your machine if you have one) sew on two of the white triangles to opposite sides. Press the seams outwards using an iron.

Sew the remaining two white triangles onto the other two edges and press the seams outwards. Repeat for the other three centre squares. Trim off any edges of the triangles that are poking out so that you have a neat square.




Now add the next layer of triangles. We decided to keep the same prints together, but you can mix them up if you prefer. Using the same method used for the white triangles, sew on two opposite triangles and press the seams. Then sew on the remaining two triangles and press again. Trim off any edges that are sticking out so that you have a neat square. Repeat with the other fabrics until you have four completed blocks.




Decide how to position the blocks. Cut lengths of the plain white sashing to fit between the top two blocks and sew the blocks into two rows. Press the seams outwards. Now sew sashing horizontally between the two rows and a strip on the top and the bottom of the blocks. The finished cushion front should look like this:




You can leave the cushion front like this, but you may want to quilt it to add some extra detail and make the cushion extra soft and luxurious! To do that you’ll need to add some extra layers, then sew them all together. Lay out the scrap fabric and the batting with the cushion front on top, right side up, and pin securely through all the layers. To quilt, simply stitch the layers together where you want to add some extra detail – we did some simple quilting across each piece of sashing. Once you’ve finished quilting, unpin and square off the cushion front into a 48 x 48cm square.




From the backing fabric (I used Hydrangea because it’s one of my mum’s favourite flowers), cut one piece measuring 53 x 48cm and one piece measuring 48 x 42cm. These will make up the envelope back of the cushion. On the larger piece, fold over one of the 48cm sides by 0.5cm and press. Fold over by another 3cm and press again. Straight stitch this hem down. On the smaller piece, fold over one of the 48cm sides by 0.5cm and press. Fold over by another 0.5cm and press again. Straight stitch this hem down.

It’s now time to sew up the cushion! Lay out the cushion front right side up and lay the larger back piece on it right side down, followed by the smaller back piece right side down. The two back pieces should overlap in the middle by about 10 cm. Make sure that you have the two hemmed edges in the middle! Pin to secure.

Sew around all four edges of the cushion using a 1.5cm seam allowance, backstitching at the start and finish. Turn the cushion the right way round, poke out the corners and stuff with a cushion pad…and you’re done!
Tip: Want to make your cushion even more special? Why not add some personalised embroidery – perhaps a name or a little message –  in one of the corner squares?




Inspired by this Mother’s Day Make? Stay tuned for more, coming soon to the blog!

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