Make your own Hedgehog Bag Charm

Bag charms and keyrings are all the rage in playgrounds up and down the land, so we’ve created our own easy peasy take on this tiny trend based on one of the autumnal characters from our cute Forest Animals print. Here’s how to make your own Hedgehog bag charm!


You will need

  • 2 x card horseshoe shapes around 9cm in diameter or a medium pom pom maker
  • Brown wool
  • Cream wool
  • Black felt
  • Craft fabric glue
  • Big scissors
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Keyring attachment (optional)

How to make a Hedgehog Bag Charm
Cut out two horseshoe shapes from card (see image below) or use a medium pom pom maker if you have one. Cut a length of brown wool around 30cm in length and place it along the curve of one horseshoe, then sandwich the other horseshoe on top, leaving the ends of the wool exposed. Taking care not to wrap these ends, start wrapping the cream wool around one third of the two horseshoes (below left). Next wrap brown wool around the entire horseshoe shape, again taking care not to wrap the loose ends of wool, and covering over the cream part (below right). Use plenty of wool to make a full fluffy pom pom and give your Hedgehog a nice rounded shape.




Tie a knot in the loose piece of brown wool between the horseshoes. (It won’t be possible to tie it too tightly at this stage.) Carefully cut through wool between the cardboard shapes (below left) until it’s possible to remove the two card horseshoes. These can be kept and reused for more pom pom projects! Now tie the long length of brown wool tightly to secure your pom pom. You’ll be left with a two-tone brown and cream pom pom (below right).


make your own hedgehog


Next, carefully hold the brown wool away from the cream and trim the cream wool at an angle, creating a point for the Hedgehog‘s nose (below left). Large scissors will be handy here, to help achieve a flat shape for the face. Carefully trim the cream face into a heart shape, also trimming a few pieces of brown wool at the top centre to help create the right shape. Cut little eyes and a nose measuring 0.5cm in diameter from black felt. Place the eyes quite wide apart on the face then stick in place using craft glue (below right). Repeat with the nose.


make your own hedgehog


Trim the brown wool to create your preferred Hedgehog shape – we kept our Hedgehog’s brown ‘spines’ longer and fluffier than his fuzzy face (below left). Don’t trim the long piece of brown wool yet though! Flatten out the bottom of the pom pom too so that your Hedgehog will sit flat. Now either cut the long length of wool if you want to use your Hedgehog as a little toy; use it to tie him directly to the item you’d like him to decorate (bag, keys, etc.) or, for a really professional finish, tie it securely to a keyring attachment close to the Hedgehog‘s body, making him into the cutest keyring (below right).


make your own hedgehog



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make your own hedgehog