Love Your Handles with Fearne Cotton

Who better to model our playful new collection of bags and straps than our style icon Fearne Cotton?  She recently invited us to join her for a fun styling session and exclusive interview. Read on for Fearne’s style secrets, including loads of inspiring ways to “Love Your Handles”!

CK: Our new bags and straps collection is all about making it easier to “Love Your Handles” and express your style and individuality. How do you express your individuality through fashion?

FC: By mood dressing –  I like to dress according to how I feel every morning. So rather than trying to follow trends or specific things that are going on in fashion, I just like to wake up and see what happens! Then I think you truly express how you’re feeling through your clothes.

There are 10 unique, interchangeable straps in the collection. Which one is your favourite and why?

My favourite strap is the Embroidered Rose Strap. I matched it with a red handbag from my collection and it looked so cute without distracting from my outfit. It’s really in keeping with Cath Kidston’s modern vintage vibe.

love your handles

The saddle bag is a classic vintage-inspired style that’s having a bit of a fashion moment. How do you feel about vintage styles coming back into fashion?

I love vintage, it’s my absolute favourite; whether people are wearing vintage items or recreating vintage looks. I’d wear vintage pieces over new things any day of the week – I love clothes with a story.

Embroidery is another big fashion trend and there are several embroidered and embellished straps in the collection. How will you style them?

I love the embellished straps, the Jewelled Flower Strap is so sweet. Don’t worry about colours and prints clashing – if you’re wearing a print don’t think that you can’t wear another print or something embellished with it. The more the merrier! A print dress with a basic blazer or jacket over the top will work perfectly with an embellished strap.

Tell us about the looks you’ve put together – how did you choose the combinations of bags and straps and the outfits you wore with them?

It’s more to do with colour than anything else. I chose bags and picked straps that went with them, then worked out my outfits. One of the outfits is pink and red because I love them together (though some people might think they clash!) Another look is blue-based – my blue bag looks so nice with the Rope Twist Strap. The third outfit is quite spring-like – I love the embellished Jewelled Flower Strap and pink saddle bag with my print dress.

What are your top tips to “Love Your Handles” and style the straps?

Again, don’t be afraid to clash – I love it when colours and patterns clash. Look at what you’re wearing to help influence which strap you pick for your bag; be brave and bold!

love your handles

How do you mix and match pieces to create your outfits?

I guess I mix and match without overthinking it; whether it’s high-street with vintage or high end, or something that I’ve had for years mixed with a really new piece. I don’t mind where clothes are from, I just like mixing lots of different things together to make effortless outfits. It’s nice when it looks like you’ve just thrown it all together, even if you have spent half an hour working it out!

Do you have any go-to accessories that you always rely on to give an outfit the perfect finishing touch?

I always wear a lot of jewellery; mostly little trinkets I’ve been given. I think jewellery always sets off an outfit really nicely. Sometimes I’ll wear a hat – a dress that could be dressed up worn dressed down with trainers and a bobble hat is a really cute look.

What do you keep in your bag? What can you not go anywhere without?

In my handbag there’s probably always a nappy and ever-useful wet wipes. Lip balm because I hate having dry lips, plus the usual boring things: keys, phone, wallet. Usually there are head phones tangled up with my keys which is very annoying! What else? Maybe some makeup and usually a container of food… I don’t like going anywhere without being prepared with snacks or a meal.

What’s your favourite everyday outfit?

If I’m running around with the kids I’ll make a very quick decision and put on anything that looks clean but is bright and colourful; I still want to feel like me! Usually I’ll wear something like a pair of boyfriend jeans with trainers and a nice little sweater or a comfy cosy knit. I’m really into bomber jackets at the moment too. My husband Jesse found me this amazing vintage bomber jacket in a second hand shop in Glastonbury and I wear that nearly every day. If I’m working, I’ll put a bit more thought into what I wear – the night before I’ll have a look in my wardrobe and maybe look online for inspiration.

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Do you have a favourite vintage item that you could never part with?

Oh that’s really tough! I have one tea dress that I got a while ago in a random market and wear every year without fail. It’s not particularly fancy: blue with tiny green polka dots, calf length, but I can wear it in the winter with tights and in summer with sandals.

What’s your favourite trend and go-to colour for spring/summer?

I have no clue what’s on trend! I guess the one catwalk designer I do keep an eye on is Molly Goddard as I think the way she uses mesh fabric is great – people are already copying her and she’s getting bigger by the second. I think pink is still my favourite colour; I like a very light pink. While it’s still a bit chilly it’s nice to wear pink knits…pink slacks I really like as well…just pink everything!

What’s your must-have fashion item for summer?

Some really good flat sandals I can wear throughout the summer and on holiday. Cute and strappy in a nice pastel colour.

Who is your go-to for style inspiration?

I like Tilda Swinton and I think Emma Stone’s red carpet style is amazing. My favourite show to watch for style inspiration is “Girls” all of the cast have really unique fashion identities. I love looking at what they’re wearing each episode and the crazy stuff they put together.

What was your biggest fashion disaster?

Anything I wore between the ages of 14-25 was absolutely horrific! I mean everything. Just awful! I had no clue what suited my body shape and would make me look good.

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