When collaborating with Disney, our designers always have fun looking for themes and similarities between our prints and Disney’s iconic animations. In the case of Peter Pan, we found a clear link right away, in the opening credits: London! The animated film opens on a misty, star-scattered night in our hometown – a magical scene we’ve captured in our Peter Pan in London print…


Both Cath Kidston and Peter Pan’s stories start in London, so it felt fitting to rework our classic London print for the collaboration. The Darling children’s adventure begins in their Bloomsbury nursery before they take to the London skies, en route to Never Land. Look out for familiar landmarks like Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral and more. The design sees our London scene print providing the perfect backdrop to Disney’s enchanting original illustrations on classic, collectable homeware and accessories.


Our first glimpse of Peter Pan is in silhouette – he’s returned to the Darlings’ home to collect his shadow, which appears in those scenes almost as a character in its own right! We were inspired by scenes like this and beautiful shadows and silhouettes throughout the film leading us to explore a new, magical side to our hometown for our Midnight Placement print. Viewing the characters and the city from afar, lit solely by the moon and the stars, brings a dream like quality to the print. Are you ready to fly (with a little bit of magic) to Never Land?


Fluffy Mini Clouds from our archive set the scene for a dream like design you’ll find on our kids collection. Little ones can take a pit stop tour around the print and spot some of the magical moments from the original film. Explore a marvellous mini landscape of Never Land, which plays host to the Indian Camp, Mermaid Lagoon and more. Discover Hook’s ship – captured by the children, rendered golden and glowing thanks to Tinker Bell’s pixie dust – setting sail across the sky.

PP IN LONDON kids bags