Into the Jungle: Q&A With Cath Kidston Print Designers

In honor of our exciting new Disney collaboration, launching on Friday the 24th of May, we sat down with the wonderfully creative design team over here at Cath Kidston HQ. They dished out the details on the creation of the prints and hand-drawn illustrations for our latest Disney collaboration, The Jungle Book X Cath Kidston collection! 

The team sourced all of their inspiration by studying the original Dinsey film from start to finish,  bringing some fresh new palettes to the collection, 

’There are lots of unusual tones we haven’t used before; rich greens and a lovely pop of orange creating that Jungle feeling.’’

Yes, you read that right! The Jungle Book collection features completely brand new tones and colours. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Q: What were the first steps in creating these fresh and exciting new Disney Jungle Book X Cath Kidston designs?

A: The entire design team sat down together and watched the original 1967 The Jungle Book film, taking notes of the moods and colours from the film. We also took screenshots of scenes and moments in the film which you can find in the palettes and tones which feature throughout the collection products!

Q: Which tones and colours influenced The Jungle Book X Cath Kidston Collection?

A: The new Disney collection uses fresh and exciting new colour palettes we have never used before! We were deeply inspired by the warm and tropical jungle tones from the film. This adventurous collection includes leafy rich greens, lovely pops of orange and dusty pinks and blues. All recreating that exotic jungle feeling!

Q: How did you choose the characters which feature throughout the collection?

A: We chose the main characters which all Disney lovers will be familiar with! A personal favourite from the Cath Kidston design team had to be the adorable baby elephant, Junior, he’s just too cute not to love! You’ll find baby elephant dancing throughout a lot of the prints, especially our PJ sets! Perfect for your little ones.


Q: What was the inspiration behind the jungle floral print?

A: We wanted to blend a classic Cath Kidston archive print, which is well recognised amongst our lovely, loyal CK customers. We revived the print with a tropical twist by using deeper greens, and warmer floral tones, The Jungle Book florals are fresh, new and on-trend too! They are lively and energetic, reflecting the mood and feelings from the beloved Disney film. You can even find the main characters playing around in the jungle leaves!

Q: What is a team favourite from The Jungle Book collection?

A: It’s impossible to choose! But we love The Bare Necessities pouch, it has fun embroidery which we can’t get enough of!


Don’t forget to celebrate with us and join in on the jungle fun on Thursday the 23rd of June, by being the first of the jungle pack to shop the new collection. Grab your early launch event ticket here.

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