How to Stay Productive by Bullet Journaling

During this crazy time we’re all craving a little bit of structure and routine, it’s hard enough even remembering what day it is (the bank holiday really didn’t help here). Bullet journaling is the perfect way to log the past, track the present and plan for the future, while allowing those creative juices to run wild. Ticking off tasks has never been more fun.

We’ve partnered with Piece of Mind Journal to show you some bullet journal designs to help keep you productive, positive and brighten up your day.



What You'll Need


- Notebook (dotted is best)
- Fineliners
- Brush pens
- Coloured pencils
- Washi tape (optional)

We’ve taken inspiration from our latest Strawberry Gingham print to create these beautiful bullet journal layouts but feel free to get creative with your theme. Make sure to share your Cath Kidston inspired designs on social media using #BrightenUpYourDay.



This bullet journal spread is sure to spark your productivity. It’s not about ticking off everything on your to do list or conquering the world from the comfort of your living room (although that’s great too), instead use the Self Care Bingo layout to ensure you’re looking after yourself. Keep the productivity prompts open to make sure you’re achieving everything you set out to, you could even switch it up each week to create fresh new goals.



Tracking your mood is the most simplistic form of practising self awareness. It’s natural for your mood to go into survival mode during this crazy time. So the more self aware you are, the more you can be at peace with your natural mood and accept your instinctive emotions, it’s okay to be feeling all the feelings right now. Use different symbols to represent different levels of mood. For this, I will show my increase in mood through strawberry pips! The better my mood, the more pips I draw on the strawberries.



Take time to reflect. It’s important to give thought to what you’ve learnt during these unique circumstances and discover all the positive things that might be hard to see. It’s key to not only log what you’ve learnt, but what you’re grateful for. This will help balance your natural swings in mood and help you appreciate the little things like catching some rays in the garden with a cuppa. Not to mention, it’ll be so interesting to read over your journal entries in years to come.