Hello folks! I’m Billie. I’m not your average pooch – as you can probably tell! How many dogs do you know who can nuzzle their way into Cath Kidston HQ and take over Twitter? Forget #puglife, it’s #Billie4life. I too have my own home and fashion range that’s sure to get your tails wagging.

I guess you’re wondering how I’ve become the star of the season? Well, I always knew that I was meant for the spotlight. Originating from the hilly Welsh countryside, us rare Sealyham Terriers invented the term “puppy love” didn’t you know? Our happy-go-lucky charm, mellow nature and mischievous tendencies melt hearts. Humans just can’t get “e-woof!” Some say we’re couch potatoes, but that’s only true after scoffing down Sunday dinner leftovers mmm… but any hound would be right?

So it’s no surprise that I caught Cath’s eye and was asked to do a cameo appearance in her SS15 campaign shoot. She adores Terriers and so does the CK design team – me especially. They decided my clean and pristine look was the perfect inspiration for a fresh new collection like no other before it! What seemed like years later (but was actually only few months in human days – I am a dog after all) the Billie range was born. Boasting an array of striking white china with little old me sat on top, I proudly stand out amongst a sea of this seasons vibrant prints.

And to celebrate my début in stores and online I’m spending today at the Home of Modern Vintage It’s very exciting! As well as meeting all the lovely humans here at Cath Kidston HQ and sniffing out all the tasty treats at Cath’s Café here in the office, I have the honour of being Social Media Top Dog. I’m taking over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for one day only to give you an insider peek of my visit.

Be sure to join me throughout the day, say hello and share your #WeekendWalkies snaps. Oh and not to forget, you could even win the Billie crockery range by taking part in the Where’s Billie? game online.  You’ve got from today until 26th February to enter and the one lucky winner will be told by email on 27th February. Good luck!

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