We caught up with the very sweet star of our Christmas campaign – Lily the Micro Piglet – to find out more about why she loved working with Cath Kidston, how she became a model, her fave food and more…


How was the shoot today?

“Fabulous! And it’s all thanks to the great team and gorgeous collection. We had a lot of fun, although I ate so much, I fell asleep at one point!”


Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

“It was all amazing, but I loved the florals – they remind me of the farm I live on.”


What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t a model?

“It’s hard to know, because I was born to model. When I look in the mirror, I often say to myself: ‘It’s not only your good looks that got you here, you also have charisma in abundance.’. When I’m not modelling (I can only do two hours at a time), I go home to my happy place where I can play all day or simply do nothing – my owner Marc dotes on me.”




Who’s your dream guy?

“People think it’s funny when they ask if I’m attracted to frogs. Don’t they realise The Muppet Show is fictional?! However, I must admit the actor who played Babe in the feature film was very handsome back in the day.”


What’s your favourite food?

“I’m very passionate about food – I suppose you could call me a bona fide foodie. I spend most of my time (when I’m not working, of course), seeking out my next meal. I hate waste and often eat other people’s leftovers – waste not want not! Having said that, when I’m on set, I’m lucky enough to have private catering.”


Do you have any brothers and sisters?

“I have a sister and two brothers, but they’ve all left home now. Between them and my cousins, aunts and uncles, my family is often seen in the media. We appear on television, in viral videos and at numerous high-profile events, as well as parties and photoshoots. We’re practically The Osmonds of the miniature pig world – or ‘micro’ as the media likes to call us.”



It has been said that the thing that sets humans apart from animals is their ability to accessorise. What do you think about that?

“Personally, I don’t leave the house without an accessory – whether it’s a custom-made Cath Kidston Christmas hat like the one I wore today, a cute brightly-coloured clutch or a tiny belt to accentuate my neat waistline.”




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