Get Arty with Cath Kidston: How to Paint Stanley the Dog

Everyone always has a signature doodle that they just can’t help scribbling away on the bottom corner of your notebook or on your shopping list. Or is that just us? Well we always pick up a pencil and doodle down Stanley, our favourite dog. Our team of in-house artists are no different and Stanley has featured on many of our iconic prints over the years.

Here our Print and Product Designer Poppy Tinkler-Hunt shows you how to paint our favourite pup in a few easy steps. Don’t forget to share your finished paintings with us on social media using our hashtag #BrightenUpYourDay.


Start of by making sure you have everything you need:

-3 thin paint brushes
-Cloth to wipe ink on
-Black ink (or finer liner)
-Coloured paints (watercolour or gouache)
-Paint palette or ceramic plate

Step 1


Lightly sketch Stanley the dog in pencil, complete with bone in his mouth.

Step 2


Surround your Stanley with flowers and stars by drawing them in pencil.

Step 3


Using a thin paint brush, go over your pencil outline of Stanley in black ink or you could use a fine liner.

Step 4


Using a clean thin paint brush, colour in the stars and flowers around the outside in bright fun colours. I’ve used oranges and blues.

Step 5


Make sure your painting is dry (I used a hair dryer) and then go over the outlines of your flowers and stars in black ink or fine liner.

Step 6


Use a rubber to rub out any pencil marks that are left on your painting.

Step 7


Use more of your favourite colours to add in extra details. I’ve added more stars, hearts and flowers in yellow and pink.

Finished Painting


You now have your completed Stanley the dog painting. Put it up in your home and let it brighten up your day. We hope you enjoyed painting with us.