Get Arty with Cath Kidston: How to Paint an English Floral

Remember when you first held a paint brush and decided to give it a go? It was always flowers first, with the pinks and yellows and greens of spring. With our painted pansies print, our team of in-house artists wanted to let you in on the fun they have at the studio.They’re a reminder to stop and smell the…pansies…and to get out a paintbrush once in a while. It’s fun.

Here our Senior Print Designer Emma Szenasi-Holland shows you how to paint this beautiful floral in a few easy steps. While away the hours at home painting up this scene of spring and don’t forget to share your finished paintings with us on social media with our hashtag #BrightenUpYourDay.


Start of by making sure you have everything you need:

-Good quality cartridge paper
-Gouche/acrylic paint or watercolours
-Black ink
-Paint palette (or you can use a old plate)
-Selection of paint brushes, one small, medium and a flat thicker one
-An old cloth or some tissues

Step 1


Mix your chosen paint colours together with a small amount of water. `Start off by painting a simple pansy shape using your medium brush. Once you have your shape, use the flat dry brush and brush the edges slightly to move the paint, this will create some lovely texture.

Step 2


Carry on painting your pansy shapes in a nice scattered layout. Then use your smaller brush to add a middle to each one.

Step 3


Keep painting pansies in a nice scattered layout.

Step 4


Now it’s time to add some leaves! Clean off your brushes and start adding in the light leaves then the dark with either your small or medium brush.

Step 5


Let your painting dry before this next step. Start layering the black ink on top using your small brush. You can be quite abstract here and have some fun with the shapes.

Step 6


You will now have your first painted pansies print. Put it up in your home and let it brighten up your day. We hope you enjoyed painting with us.