Get Arty with Cath Kidston: How to Paint an Easter Bunny

It’s Easter, hoppy days! While we’re dreaming of sunny weekends away or cracking open Easter eggs with the family, we’re instead doing a spot of garden sunbathing and video calls will suffice. But if that doesn’t quite fill up those 4 glorious days off, what could be better than joining us in painting a classic Easter bunny from our new Jumping Bunnies print.

Here our Junior Print Designer, Georgina Tee, shows you how to paint our spritely jumping bunny. Pens, pencils and paint brushes at the ready and don’t forget to share your finished paintings with us on social media with our hashtag #BrightenUpYourDay.


Hop to it, there are paintings to be done.


Start of by making sure you have everything you need:

-Thin detail brush
-Medium flat thicker brush
-Cloth for excess paint
-Gouache or acrylic paint
-Thick cartridge paper
-Paint palette or ceramic plate

Step 1


Firstly, we need to draw an initial sketch to paint on top of. To draw the bunny, start with the head drawing very simple shapes, you can then go back in and add some character. To draw the flowers from the print, start with a long stem, then add leaves and flower heads over the top.

Step 2


Mix your chosen paint colours together on your plate or palette.

Step 3


Start filling in the larger shapes, such as the bunny and flowers heads, using your medium paint brush.

Step 4


After these have dried, go back in with a small thin detail brush to paint the outline of the bunny. Top tip: I always have a sketchbook to hand for practicing the lines before I go into the final painting.

Step 5


Using the same brush, go in and add the detail into the flowers and stem.

Step 6


Wait until the paint is dry and erase any pencil lines that are showing through.

Step 7


The last thing to do is to add the tail. Use a fineliner straight onto the paper to freestyle the fluffy tail

You are finished


You now have a cute painting of a jumping bunny, perfect to send to someone over Easter to brighten up their day.