Fragrance Collection



Autumn is upon us and the social season is in full swing. Family gatherings and meet-ups with mates are filling up the diary, so set the scene for heavenly hosting and scent your home with our new home fragrance range. Effortless ambience awaits with signature scents from our classic candles, diffusers and room sprays. Whether you refresh your senses with Crisp Cotton or indulge your sweet side with fruity Pink Pepper and Berries, be sure to use scent to welcome in those colder, darker evenings with an accompanying warm glow.

To give you a behind the scenes peek of our luxurious new home fragrance collection, we’ve teamed up with the lovely Krystal from our Buying Department to find out more about this scent-sational range.



Hi Krystal, we absolutely love this new range of home fragrance. The packaging is the first thing that caught our eye, how has this been updated for AW18?

Thank you, we really love the packaging too! All of the prints were hand drawn by our talented in-house design team especially for this range, and they have captured the top notes of each fragrance within the print.  We have paid special attention to the packaging quality using a beautiful textured card to showcase the prints and make each piece from the range the perfect gift (whether it’s for a loved one or yourself!).

We’ve used soy wax in all of our candles, which means no toxins or chemicals are released when the candle is lit, making it great for people who are prone to allergies and also much cleaner for the environment.



The home fragrance collection scents consist of Grapefruit and Ginger, Wild Garden, Crisp Cotton, Fresh Fig and Pink Pepper and Berries – they all sound simply delicious! Why did you choose these five fragrances as the leading scents for the season?

We wanted to ensure we offered something for all our customers, and we loved the idea of having a different scent in each room of your home depending on the mood you want to create.

We worked with a British fragrance house to ensure the best quality of the raw scent, and carefully formulated the perfect complementary top notes.



Crisp Cotton



Which would you say is your favourite home fragrance and why?

My favourite is Crisp Cotton – it’s a really delicate and soothing scent, and it’s perfect for helping you unwind after a long day. The key top note is cypress which is known for its calming qualities, and the fragrance also has a freshness about it like clean, fresh linen.



Our home fragrance range has lots of different products that distribute divine scents. Which is your favourite product and why?

The diffusers within the range are definitely my favourite products. They’re really long lasting, holding their scent for around 3 months, and they give a lovely delicate fragrance without being overpowering.



We can’t wait to buy a new scent for our home – the hard part will be deciding which to choose! Are you able to give us any insider info on the upcoming SS19 range?

We’re so pleased with the positive feedback from our customers that we’re also expanding the range into toiletries, meaning you can buy some of our favourite scents in hand creams and a few other lovely products, all being perfect gifting options.

We really hope our customers love the range as much as we do!






If you’ve already purchased one of these gorgeous home fragrances from our collection, we’d love to hear what you think! Let us know with the #MyCathKidston hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.