Five Tried and Tested Ways to Brighten Up Your Day

Our mission at Cath Kidston is simple: to bring out your bright side, and it’s never been more needed. At a time when we’re usually celebrating the first blooms of spring, dreaming of summer and the possibility of a day at the beach, now we’re stuck at home. Many of you might live alone, have kids to entertain, parents to take care of and work to do (anyone else’s dad/child/dog interrupted a conference call?). It’s ok if you want to surrender to your pyjamas and dive into your duvet, but if you need a way to brighten up your day, we’re here for you. It’s in our DNA.


Our first life hack? Start with a smile (trust us, it works!). It might feel silly, but scientists say that it starts a feel-good party in your brain. And we could all do with that! Now here are five more:

1. Dance & Sing


What’s a feel-good song from your past? Maybe a Disney classic, a school-disco throwback, or your go-to karaoke number – ours is ‘Steal my Sunshine’ (and we’ve got a few more favourites on our Spotify playlist). Get some speakers and blast it out. Use your cooking spoon as a microphone, perform to your family, and dance like nobody’s watching (unless you want to tag us on Instagram, then we’re in!). The happy memories + song is a winning combination.

2. Paint Some Pansies


One of the best things about spring is its blooms. But being stuck inside doesn’t mean you have to miss that. Our solution? Draw them instead. Pens, pencils, paints – whatever you have will do. You can paint them from memory or sketch along with our in-house artists on Instagram Stories (kids welcome and encouraged!). When you’re done with your masterpieces, put them up around your home as a bright and breezy reminder of spring.

3. Spring Clean


Either you’re nodding enthusiastically already or you’re thinking “how could cleaning brighten up my day?” Trust us, it works. Put on the radio, get into your comfies and clean away. Wipe down surfaces, organise cupboards, go through that pile of papers you’ve been meaning to get round to. You’ll feel lighter, happier and like you’re getting a fresh start. Plus you can bust a move while you tackle those windows.

4. Try a New Recipe


What can you make with those chickpeas you bought 3 months ago that are (luckily) still in the cupboard? Only orzo left in the pasta aisle at the supermarket? Why not look up a recipe (we love this Ottolenghi Simple one). What desserts could you make with three ingredients or less? Now’s the time to try a new recipe and test your skills. Choose colourful veggies and get creative. You could even start a virtual Come Dine With Me or British Bake Off with friends.

5. Get Dressed Up


We loooove pyjamas as much as the next person. And we’re sure, like us, you’re going to be making them your new workwear (if you haven’t already). But if you’re feeling a bit down, getting dressed up can lift your spirits. Order yourself a cute and colourful new top or a summer basket bag and prance around at home. Go through your closet and style things you haven’t thought of in a while. Pull on your favourite dress and get your face in the sun – whether it’s out in the garden or through an open window.