This year, Chinese New Year falls on the 5th February. To join in with the festivities, we’ve created celebratory wallpapers and a few fun facts for you to share with friends and family – scroll down to find out more!

Chinese New Year is based on a solar calendar, and every year, a new Chinese zodiac animal becomes the symbol. This year, it’s the twelfth of the zodiac animals, the pig! In Chinese culture, pigs are seen as a sign of fun, fortune and wealth, and those that are born under its sign tend to be happy, honest and brave.

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Chinese New Year Fact


We’ve been busy getting creative and have made some fabulous new phone wallpapers especially for Chinese New Year! Why not celebrate in style and jazz up your device with the prints and messages below? They’ll make fab photo messages to send to friends and family too. Go on – share the love! We have fab products in these prints too, discover Camoflower.



Camoflowers  Camoflowers Happy New Year Pig – Gold Pig – Pink Blue Happy New Year Flower Happy New Year 



Fancy a fact or two? We’ve been rooting for knowledge and now we’re ready to share it with you!

-: It has been said that this year’s zodiac animal, the humble pig, will prove to be lucky in some areas of their life, but may need to work hard in others to avoid potential pitfalls. Pigs are also susceptible to many emotional ups and downs and may feel sad or frustrated now and then.

-: 2019 is the Year of the Pig! In Chinese culture, pigs are associated with good fortune, wealth and fun, and those who are born under this sign tend to be diligent, compassionate and generous.

-: Red envelopes containing money are exchanged between friends and family during Chinese New Year as gifts – a bit like the way many other countries exchange presents on Christmas Day!

-: Firecrackers are used on the eve of Chinese New Year to help ward off bad luck, and they’re also used in the morning of New Year’s Day to welcome in good luck.

-: We bet you didn’t know that in Chinese culture, showering isn’t allowed on New Year’s Day. Sound smelly? It’s actually to make sure you don’t wash away the good luck!


Happy Chinese New Year from all of us here at Cath Kidston – we hope you have a prosperous year full of happiness and exciting opportunities. Enjoy the celebrations!