Is anyone else feeling the January blues? We seem to have landed in a rather grey patch – it’s no longer Christmas and spring seems to be a lifetime away (along with the next payday!). On the upside, the lull after the new year can often give us the space we need to commit to a change – whether it’s getting outside more or taking the plunge to try something new. This week on the blog we’ve collated some quick and easy ways to brighten up your January and work towards a positive start to the year. Got your own tips and ideas? Let us know in the comments below!




Now, this one may seem rather obvious, but you’d be surprised what good a large glass of water can do. Staying hydrated keeps the brain ticking over (and we’ll bet our bodies will be thankful for something other than bubbles post-Christmas!). Invest in a fun water bottle and set yourself a goal to drink a certain amount of water per day.




In the cold and dark winter months, it can be all too easy to go into hibernation mode, and snuggly duvets only add to the temptation! It’s so important to make time to get outside and soak in as much daylight as possible. Even a short stroll during your lunch hour will do the trick, giving you a break from the computer screen and allowing your eyes and mind to have a well-earned rest.




A new year presents a fresh start, making it the perfect time to challenge yourself to try something you haven’t done before! To start 2019 with a healthier outlook, why not practise some yoga? It’s good for the mind, body and soul, and there’s so many different types of classes out there to try. Don’t enjoy yoga? Below are a few ideas of things that you could try this month…

  • Learn a language
  • Travel to somewhere you haven’t been before
  • Visit a museum
  • Try foods from around the world
  • Start a cooking course




If you’re looking to try something new, there are so many amazing crafts and classes that you can join. It’s also the perfect opportunity to meet up with others and make new friends – learning a craft is a great way to unleash your creativity and socialise. Our friends at the London Craft Club have lots of beautiful workshops that you can take part in. For those that live outside of London, try your local Facebook page or ask around to find a class you might like.




Money might be tight in January but meeting up with friends is the perfect opportunity to take time out of your busy life to enjoy a good old natter. Why not save money by inviting them round for a cuppa? Or, better still, you could suggest a stroll to get you out and about – it’ll also help to shoo away those January blues!




Tidy house, tidy mind. Getting rid of old clothes and things you don’t need honestly has its health benefits! Let go of the old and make room for the new. You’ll feel great after a decluttering session – whether you tackle your desk at work or a room at home. For extra feel-good points, why not gift your unwanted items to charity rather than consigning them to the bin? After all, they do say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!