Blooming Marvellous Mother’s Day biscuits from Biscuiteers

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The brilliant bakers and talented icers at Biscuiteers make all kinds of biscuits for all kinds of people – including Blooming Marvellous Mums. This Mother’s Day we asked them to recreate our elegant Elvington Rose print in biscuit form. Every Biscuiteers biscuit is lovingly hand-iced, one at a time, and they’ve created an exclusive Elvington Rose tutorial for us so you can learn how to ice like an expert too! These beautiful biscuits make the perfect Mother’s Day treat – here’s how to make your own.




Biscuiteers Mother’s Day Biscuits
24 flower-shaped (use a flower-shaped cutter or make your own stencil) vanilla biscuits
Light pink, white, light green, dark green and yellow flood icing
Light pink, teal, white and light green line icing
Piping bags
Baking parchment paper

Set your oven at its lowest temperature (usually around 50°C). Now prep your icing! In the Biscuiteers icing hall we use two different types of icing: ‘line’ and ‘flood’. Line icing should be the texture of toothpaste, whilst flood needs a runnier consistency (click here for recipe and tips). Put all your icing colours into piping bags and cut the tops off the bags vertically.

You’re ready to start icing once your biscuits have cooled completely. Using the light pink line icing, ice around the edge of a flower biscuit. This line will act as a wall to stop the flood icing from flowing out. Let the line icing dry for 15 minutes at room temperature.




Fill the biscuit with light pink flood icing, being careful not to overfill. Then, using white flood icing iced directly onto the pink flood, ice a small flower with leaves in the centre of the biscuit.




Using light green, dark green and yellow flood icing, add detail to the flower and leaves – this will add definition and help to create the appearance of shadow. We were inspired by Cath Kidston’s Elvington Rose print, which we kept close to hand whilst we were icing! Repeat with the remaining biscuits, using different colour combinations for variety.




Carefully place the iced biscuits onto a baking tray, put them back into the oven and bake for approximately 40 minutes, or until the flood icing has set hard.

Once the biscuits are completely cool you can add the finishing touches. Using white and green line icing, ice leaves and vines around the edge of the biscuit, then, using teal line icing, ice a message. We wrote ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.




Leave the biscuits to dry at room temperature for 15 minutes. They’re now ready to enjoy, or you can pack them into a pretty keepsake tin like we do at Biscuiteers. We wish you a Blooming Marvellous Mother’s Day!




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