Ho, ho, ho, only 6 sleeps to go! We’re feeling super festive here at Cath Kidston thanks to the Christmas workshops we hosted last week at our Piccadilly store. Led by our friends at the London Craft Club, our lovely ticket holders participated in Bauble Decorating and Wreath Making. The London Craft Club workshops are perfect for anyone who wants to try something new – no matter whether you’re already skilled or just enthusiastic. You can find out more about them here.

We had snow much fun and we can’t wait to hang our crafts up over the holidays. Take a look at what we got up to below – it might even spark some ideas for your own Christmassy creations!






We LOVE personalisation, and what could be more personal than a festive bauble with your name on it? This simple make can be created from any bits and bobs you like. Read on to find out what the experts at London Craft Club suggest…


–  Plastic baubles with a smooth surface

– 1 white Tipp-Ex pen

– Pom Poms

– Ribbon of your choice

– Anything you would like to decorate with: feathers, bells, glitter card, tinsel


1 .Clean one of the plastic baubles and make sure it is completely dry before moving onto the next step.

2 .Practice drawing your desired design on a piece of paper (this will be used as a guide). Next, go ahead and use the Tipp-Ex pen to draw your design onto the bauble. Allow to dry for 10 minutes.




3 .Carefully remove the metal from the top of the bauble and keep it safe as you will need it again.

4 .Choose your desired bauble filling – we went for tinsel – and carefully push through the hole at the top and into the bauble. You can fill the bauble as much or as little as you desire.



5 .When you’ve finished the filling, carefully put the metal top back onto the bauble. Squeeze to ensure that it is secure and won’t fall off.

6 .Finish by taking the ribbon in your chosen colour and making a loop to hang it on the Christmas tree.




You can now enjoy your personal bauble for years to come! Why not make a whole set to decorate a tree, or create a special one for your nearest and dearest as a unique gift?






This make is slightly harder than the last, but you can be sure of a beautiful outcome at the end of it. The team at the London Craft Club helped our guests weave their own personal wreath to hang on their door year upon year. Read on to see how you can create one for yourself.



–  A pre-made wooden wreath ring. These can be picked up in craft shops and garden centres.

–  Plastic foliage (flowers, holly, pine fronds). These can be purchased from craft shops. Real foliage also works well but will only stay fresh for a few weeks.

–  Decorations – Some examples are dried orange slices, wooden stars and plastic mushrooms.

–  Ribbon – we chose a lovely festive red!

–  Wool – we used cream and red wool.

– Scissors

–  Wire cutters

–  Wire





1 .Begin to lay the foliage (plastic or real!) onto your wooden ring. Once you have it in the right position, begin to wind the wire around the branches until the foliage is held in place. Repeat the process until you are happy with how it looks – there’s no limit on how much you can add!

2 . Choosen your wreath decorations. We found that dried orange slices work well as they’re festive and smell lovely. Use the wire to ensure they’re fixed to the base of the wreath.




3 .Continue to add decorations until you’re happy with the final look. This could include glitter, wooden stars and plastic decorations that can be found in craft shops.

4 .We have created some pom-poms from wool which make the wreath look extra festive!

5 .Create a bow from the ribbon and weave through the wreath to ensure that it stays in place. Now your wreath is ready to take pride of place on your front door!




Why not add a little festive tipple to the table when you make your wreath to get the creative juices flowing? Our guests had a great time at both events, and we can’t thank the lovely team at the London Craft Club enough.

We hope you found these guides useful, and, if you create your own Christmas masterpiece, tag us with #TheHomeOfChristmas as we’d love to see them!

Merry Christmas love Cath Kidston!