A Closer Look at: Christmas Home Decor

Junior Print Designer Phillipa and Senior Product Designer Nikki, take us through  their festive favourites in this year’s Christmas home range.


There is so much excitement to be had during the countdown to Christmas! “I absolutely love the Fabric Calendar, it has little slots that you can fill with whatever you like; you could even make your own little ornaments to slip in – it doesn’t have to be chocolate!” says Phillipa.

Nikki knows the importance of organisation during the festive season. “This organiser is really handy if you like making lists, especially as a lot of people preparing Christmas a little stressful.” It has sections such as ‘Meal Planning’ – perfect for if you’ve got a lot of family and friends coming over and you need to do timings for turkey and roast potatoes.



A big part of Christmas is entertaining and we have developed quite a few smaller plates, nibble bowls, table clothes, napkins which add a lovely bit of colour to a tablescape. “We also have champagne flutes with our new festive scene prints on, big platters and even Christmas tree egg cups – so everything you need for the food and entertainment aspect.” Nikki explains.

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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without filling our homes with joyful decorations and festive scents. “These baubles are hand-blown glass and look and feel really beautiful” says Phillipa. “The figures look 3D and have the multi-tonal quality you find on vintage decorations. At Cath Kidston, we love harking back to the past and continue trying to achieve that quality handmade element, which feels very nostalgic.”

The fragrances are Christmas specific and have a lovely scent to bring some much-needed festive cheer to the home. “The products carry a really fun print with elements like little houses with snow on the roof.” explains Nikki.

Shop these festive delights and many more both online and in store. We would love to see how you have decorated your homes and hear your Christmas stories over on social media @Cath_Kidston.