We’ve done quite a bit in 20 years that we’re proud of. From one store in Holland Park to 130 around the world, it’s been quite a journey. To put things in perspective, we put our heads together and figured out a few fun facts showing just how far we’ve come in 20 years.


#1 If we took all of our baby sleep suits ever sold, every baby that was born in the USA in the last 2 weeks could wear one.

Cath Kidston baby sleep suits


#2 We’ve made enough day bags and everyday bags for every woman in Mauritius to have one.

Cath Kidston everyday bags


#3 If every folded zip wallet was laid flat on the ground, they would reach from London to Brighton.

Cath Kidston folded zip wallets


#4 We have made enough mini clasp purses for every child in Northern Ireland to have one.

Cath Kidston clasp purses

#5 All our tape measures together would stretch from London to Skegness.

Cath Kidston tape measure


#6 Since our first print was created, we’ve made enough Antique Rose Bouquet wallpaper rolls to cover nine full-size Football pitches.

Cath Kidston antique rose bouquet


#7 We’ve created enough spot oilcloth fabric to run the length of the M25.

Cath Kidston oilcloth swatches


#8 If we brewed a cuppa in all the mugs we’ve ever made, we could fill 3,336 bath tubs with tea (or soup).

Cath Kidston mugs


#9 All of our Guards skirts lined up would stretch the width of Buckingham Palace – ten times.

Cath Kidston Guards print


#10 We made enough Bicycle print dresses to dress every cyclist who competed in the 2012 Olympics.

Cath Kidston Bicycles print